Drive Maximum Value from Open-Market Opportunities

Improve operations and remove costly overhead with Makat’s open market solutions.

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Purchase Confidently with Makat —
Your Gateway to the Open Market

On-Demand Sourcing

Need components fast? Makat’s technology gives you 24/7 access to thousands of risk-vetted suppliers, providing beyond-human results when handling production-threatening stockouts.

Place an RFQ and we will provide a wide range of flexible solutions
Virtual agent identifies bidders, validates available stock, and negotiates orders for you
Access a vetted supply chain that's backed by AI and machine learning technology

Shortage Management

Handling shortages can be both time-consuming and costly. Makat is always monitoring high-quality supply sources, giving you exactly the edge you need to maintain smooth operations in short-supply markets.

Autonomous sourcing screens parts in risk using pre-defined cadences
Data-driven decision making with periodic updates highlighting potential shortages
Gain access to immense pool of online and offline stock to navigate short-supply markets

Cost Savings

Keep your overhead costs in check, whether you’re in a downturn or competitive market. Makat will find and source open-market opportunities to help you cut costs, drive savings at scale, and improve procurementefficiency.

Move from Requisition to PO while keeping your overhead costs low
Discover open market gems through authorized channels and factory excess lists
Receive BoM-tailored alerts whenever a major cost-reduction opportunity occurs

Back-to-Back Purchases

From one-off purchases, R&D requisitions, and territorial restrictions to internal supplier consolidation policies — we’ve got you covered.

Automated purchasing workflows buy stock for you with a transparent, fixed, and fair markup
Bypass geographical barriers with our global network of local buyers
Seamlessly navigate the purchasing process without changing your procurement workflows
“The future is already here – it's just not evenly distributed.”
 ― William Gibson

At Makat we adhere to the highest standards of efficiency and professionalism. Looking to maximize efficiency to the fullest extent possible, we decided to build our own designated software for autonomous sourcing and purchasing. This foundational element is used in an extensive range of variations to provide our clients with a wide range of different solutions.