Your Gateway to the Open Market

Makat provides OEMs and CMs next gen sourcing services for electronic components

Tech Enabled Sourcing

We utilize AI to provide our clients with superior results and unmatched purchasing experience


Automated supplier selection and engagement to locate stock faster


Reduced labor and time resources for optimal quotes that meet your needs


Wide digital access to online and offline databases for the best stock opportunities

What’s in it for you?

Makat is built with a deep understanding of procurement needs and rigorously works to improve the purchasing experience all the time.

Fixed 10% markup on all orders, with full cost structure visibility
Detailed comparison analysis for maximum purchasing flexibility
Leverage Makat as one consolidated vendor for endless suppliers
24/7 availability and support through all platforms (email, Whatsapp, ERP integration, BoM tool)

Makat Combines Domain Expertise With Advanced Technology To Deliver Exceptional Results

From production threatening stockouts, through R&D buying, to BoM optimization - If it’s discoverable, we’ll find it

Quality is Our Top Priority

With stringent vendor evaluation process, quality inspection, and on-demand labs, we maintain a secure supply chain. Using cutting-edge tech, we continuously monitor quality and grow our network with vetted, reliable suppliers.

Counterfeit & Fraud Detection
Full Liability
Rigorous Inspection
Detailed Verification process

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