Your Gateway to the Open Market

Purchase high-quality electronic components and drive more savings with AI-powered procurement

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Elevating the Purchasing Experience for OEMs & CMs

Makat blends procurement expertise with AI technology to provide a frictionless RFQ-to-Delivery process

Instant Quote Processing

Our AI-engine automates supplier communication to collect, verify and analyze stock information faster

Transparent Pricing

Get the best prices available and full pricing visibility thanks to our efficient cost structure and fixed markups

Global Supply Chain

Direct digital access to online and offline databases allows us to identify the best available stock globally

Say Goodbye to Spot Buying Overhead

Buying components on the open market means wasting time on manual, repetitive tasks. Let Makat do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what really matters.

The Old Way


The Makat Way

  • Validated Comparison Analysis

  • AI-Driven Supplier Selection

  • Online Client Portal

  • Automated Supplier Communication

  • Embedded Testing And QC

  • 24/7 Customer Support

Gain Instant Access to the Open Market

Meet your purchasing targets with next-generation sourcing that fits your specific use cases.

  • On-Demand Sourcing

    Instantly find available stock and avoid production stockouts.

  • Shortage Management

    Proactively navigate shortages with up-to-date open market data.

  • Find New Cost Savings

    Discover stock opportunities to optimize BoM costs and drive savings.

  • Back-to-Back

    Use a buying concierge whenever needed to streamline one-off purchases.